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Bobby Ochse Offers Some Insights into the Corporate Management and Restoration Industry

In the midst of making core business decisions, people tend to forget the less crucial but important parts of their business. A great example of this is preventative maintenance and restoration. Preventative maintenance and restoration ensure your business looks appealing both to employees and members of the workforce. It also ensures the safety and health of all stakeholders using your facilities.

As leaders in this space, Corporate Care has been helping corporations get facility maintenance and restoration tasks off their hands. Today, we speak with Bobby Ochse, Executive Vice President at Corporate Care, for information on everything that is new in the industry and some essential insights.

What’s The Most Misunderstood Thing in the Facility Maintenance and Restoration Industry?

Bobby says that the most misunderstood thing in their industry is the essence of proper asset management. Managerial teams are so accustomed to dousing fires all over their business that they forget how essential it is to maintain their premises through preventative measures.

Who can blame them? They have clients to cater to and strategies to plan, to name a few. Focusing on their facilities ensures the safety and health of their users as well as improving the appeal of the business to key stakeholders. Maintaining the right health standards is especially essential during the pandemic.

How Has the Pandemic Changed How Corporate Care Works?

COVID has been disruptive to the industry, with businesses needing to know that their employees and customers are protected. This can be done through high levels of facility disinfection and maintenance. Bobby has observed that a lot of clients need Corporate Care to quantify the level of health support their services provide.

“I think now you are seeing – speaking primarily in janitorial and housekeeping – situations where you need to quantify health vs. quantifying the facility visually… Now you are quantifying it through data” Bobby Says.

What Are The Most Recent Trends In Your Industry?

Bobby says that the one thing that has been trending in their industry is finding durable coating and fabrics for facilities. These materials make it easier for house cleaning and janitorial teams to keep their premises clean and up to health standards. It also reduces needed labor. Unlike having to hire multiple people to do the cleaning and maintenance work, only a few will suffice.

What Do You Consider Life-Changing About Your Business?

When asked about how his business has changed lives, Bobby is quick to point out how it impacts employees. He believes that you need to support employees for them to support your business. Taking care of them and forming a family-like atmosphere has created a business that clients love – one that employees are happy to be associated with.

“I know it sounds cliché, but if you are worried about them (employees) being able to support their families comfortably – through the salary or hours they are working – they are going to look after you and your clients,” Bobby says.

Through Corporate Care, Bobby Ochse has helped multiple businesses focus on their core needs without having to worry about facility maintenance and restoration.

Visit the Corporate Care website to find out more about them.

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