Tips for Achieving Personal Growth Goals

by ali jaffar

How Can You Achieve Personal Growth Goals?

Growing as a person is not easy. We all get comfortable when there is little wrong with our lives but stagnation is not useful either. It can be just as damaging.

Therefore, instead of just assigning personal growth goals, you need to plan how to achieve them. This can be the challenging aspect. Knowing what you want is different from knowing how to achieve it. This is why you need this list of tips for achieving your self-development goals.

1. Create A Plan Of Action

Words are ineffective when you want to improve; actions are more important. But how are you going to act without knowing what to do? Creating a plan of action is the first step to any self-improvement plan.

A plan of action should include actions such as what you need to do and when, what order things need to be done in, and other such steps that will support your goals. It’s always best to have a written plan of action as not writing one down can lead to forgetting important tasks.

Part of your action plan should include milestones. These are important indicators to demonstrate you’re moving forwards and not working hard for nothing. Milestones can be really big, but you might be better off starting with smaller milestones.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, have your first goal as 2 lbs, your next one losing 6 lbs and the next one losing even more.

2. Reward Yourself For Milestones

When you’re trying to improve, nothing fills you with optimism more than realizing you’re making progress. There are several steps to this. This first is to set milestones that are realistic. The next is to reward yourself whenever you achieve a milestone.

Rewards don’t have to be very elaborate or expensive. They could be as simple as allowing yourself to watch a favorite program or treating yourself to a favorite take-out meal. Whatever you choose, ensure that it’s a positive experience.

You might even want to try to grow the reward as you move through your milestones. For your first milestone, you could have half an hour of watching your favorite comedy, and by your fifth or sixth milestone, you can offer yourself a trip to the cinema.

 Using a journal is a great way to keep personal growth goals

3. Schedule In Time Every Day To Do Something

Improving yourself is not an easy task. It can’t be done overnight. Nor can you do a lot of work one day and expect to take a few days off. Doing this will often lead to you abandoning your goals.

So, you need to put time aside every day to improve yourself. Put it in your journal; schedule at least 10 minutes every day for this. Doing it regularly will allow you to ensure you don’t lose concentration and you make progress all the time. Also, the more you do it, the more of a habit it will become, and thus become easier.

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